How Our Mason City Pharmacy Supports Women's Health

women's health consultation
January 30, 2024

At Houck Pharmacy, we are proud to be a beacon for well-being in our community. Families come to us for fast prescription refills, friendly service, and convenient OTC products, but we can help in many other ways, particularly when it comes to women’s health. Take the first step in taking better care of your health and learn more about how our Mason City pharmacy supports women’s health:

Supplement Recommendations

Our knowledgeable pharmacists pick the most trusted, pharmaceutical-grade supplements and will happily explain the potential benefits of daily supplements. Here are a few popular products from our online wellness shop to consider:

Multicomplete supplement

Multivitamin: Multi Complete
This complex multivitamin contains a variety of vital nutrients, including the B vitamins, magnesium, N-acetyl cysteine, and acetyl L-carnitine. You’ll also find phytonutrients and other key ingredients such as green tea extract, broccoli seed extract, and resveratrol.

Nutrition Support: Fruits & Greens Superfood Powder
This formula is easy to mix, made of 100% natural fruit and vegetable extracts, and tastes great without any caffeine, sugar, or preservatives. It supports the body’s metabolism, digestion, detoxification, immune response, and more!

Natural Weight Loss Support: Berberine
We can suggest natural alternatives to popular weight loss medications to work alongside your diet and exercise efforts. The combination of Berberine and fiber supplements can be beneficial in weight management.

Daily Probiotic: Ultra Biotic Women
Any woman can benefit from taking a daily probiotic, and this blend of 2 live bacteria strains reinforces a healthy gut barrier and improves microbiome diversity.

bone nutrients

Bone Health: Bone Nutrients
Bone density can decline with age, so women should be concerned with maintaining and strengthening their bones. This supplement contains calcium, phosphorous, and Vitamin D3, enhancing bone density and also supporting healthy teeth.

Sexual Health: I-3-C Plus
If you’re looking to support optimal hormonal balance, the blend of naturally occurring compounds in this supplement has been shown to promote estrogen metabolism and even balance mood and overall well-being.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

mother holding newborn baby

Women can also rely on us for pregnancy and postpartum care. We can offer recommendations for prenatal vitamins. We can also offer advice and recommend products, including Oxytocin nasal spray to help stimulate lactation, nipple creams, diaper rash remedies, and even pediatric medications. Some babies may need a specific dosage of a medicine that’s not commercially available so we can compound a drug to your child’s exact specifications. For young children, we can add natural flavorings and create syrups, lollipops, or even a gummy bear. This makes administering medicine much less stressful and ensures your child receives the intended dose without waste.

Want to stay in the know about the latest tips and wellness information? Keep up with health updates from your local Mason City pharmacy! As always, our friendly, professional staff are only a phone call away and happy to answer any important questions you may have!

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