Which Vitamins Play a Role in Bone Health?

Which Vitamins Play a Role in Bone Health
April 6, 2024

Maintaining bone mass and integrity as you age is vital for not just keeping up with your overall health but also your ability to stay strong and independent for longer. Several vitamins and minerals are necessary to have in your diet for healthy bones so that you can reduce the risk of falls and broken bones as you get older. Keep reading to learn more about which vitamins play a role in bone health:


Bone Nutrients supplement

The most well-known nutrient associated with healthy bones is calcium. In fact, it is the most abundant mineral in the body! Calcium is used every day in growing and developing new bone tissue. If you don’t get enough calcium daily, your bones can weaken, and you could be at an increased risk of osteoporosis and other bone conditions later in life.
A bone support supplement for you: Bone Nutrients (this formula contains a bioavailable blend of calcium and phosphorus called microcrystalline hydroxyapatite concentrate, along with Vitamin D3 for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin D

The very beneficial D vitamin promotes calcium absorption in the body, which is why it is often included in bone support and calcium supplements. It is also one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in adults! Often referred to as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is made when your body is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. You can also get Vitamin D from dairy products, eggs, and fish.
A Vitamin D supplement for you: Mega D3 2000

Vitamin K

liquid Vitamin D3 K2

This vitamin is found in dark leafy green vegetables such as kale and broccoli and is a coenzyme, or helper, for replenishing bone tissue, a lifelong process called bone metabolism. Vitamin K does have the potential to interact and interfere with blood thinner medications. As with all dietary supplements, always speak with your doctor before starting a new supplement regimen.
A Vitamin K supplement for you: Ultra K2

We also offer a convenient liquid Vitamin D3/K2 supplement that provides potent doses of both vitamins in one product. Only one drop on your tongue or mixed into your choice of beverage is the required daily dose!


Another important vitamin for bone health is magnesium. It is connected to your bone mineral density, a factor for osteoporosis and risk of fractures. Magnesium is also beneficial for the nervous system, muscle function, energy, and more. You can get magnesium from food sources such as vegetables, grains, and beans, or choose a supplement form such as magnesium glycinate, which is absorbed well by the body for maximum benefit.
A magnesium supplement for you: Magnesium Glycinate


Optimum zinc supplement

Helpful for a variety of functions, such as wound healing and immune function, zinc also plays a role in bone health. This mineral is used abundantly in bone tissue and has a positive impact on bone mineral density.
A zinc supplement for you: Optimum Zinc

Now you know more about which vitamins play a role in bone health. Want to learn more about helpful nutrients? Take a look at the benefits of fish oil!

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